Back to School: Keeping Your Teen Safe on Social Media

Social media has unfortunately become the norm in practically any teen’s life. Here is a recap of 7 great tips to keep your children safe on social media from Dayton Daily News.

1.       Say “no” to social media as long as you can.

2.       Decide together which social media sites your child can use.

3.       Discuss what children are posting online

4.       Don’t talk to strangers

5.       Check their phones

6.       Set time limits for screen time

7.       Encourage kids to trust their instincts

Here are a few other tips we’d like to add as well

  • Keep the computer in a public part of your home – NOT their bedroom
  • Check the privacy settings on your teen’s social network
  • Teach proper password protection such as using different passwords for different things and making it difficult to guess
  • Consider removing social apps from their phone since it’s too easy for someone to get a hold of their phone and post whatever they want
  • Be cautious of friend requests, especially from unknown people and NEVER agree to meet them offline
  • Disable location services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc when posting photos
  • Lay down some ground rules on what is acceptable to post and what isn’t. Make sure they think things through before they post since it can be shared with the entire world

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