Incorporating More Human Interactions In Your Life

One of the main issues we see with society today is the human disconnect. We text instead of picking up the phone. When we’re in public places we stare and scroll through our phone instead of creating conversation with the people next to us. We teach our kids at an early age not to talk to strangers so that they’re afraid to even answer a question such as ‘how old are you’. Yet, many parents have no problem posting public images with searchable hashtags of their children all over the web without a second thought. We’ve become so immersed in this digital world, that we forgot how to truly live with real human interactions.

Now that summer is in session, it’s a great time to organize some get togethers with friends and people you haven’t seen in awhile. Make some goals and write them down on your whiteboard or post it on a piece of paper on your fridge door.

Find something that interests you, whether it’s an art class, cooking class, biking group, yoga class, whatever and sign up for it. Make a point to go every week or so and step out of your comfort zone and talk to people in that class. Ask for someone’s phone number and see if they want to go out for coffee or lunch afterwards.

Organize a summer bbq. You don’t need to be a great chef. Buy some pre-made hamburg patties and throw them on the grill. Pick up some potato salad, coleslaw and bag of chips from the store and maybe throw together a salad. It doesn’t have to be fancy and don’t stress about having the perfect, clean house. Nobody really notices that kind of stuff. You can always organize it at a local park if you'd rather avoid your place. Send out invites – the more the merrier. Don’t get offended if people don’t show up. We all have busy lives so don’t let it get to you.

Organize a girl’s night or guy’s night out. Pick the restaurant and the activity and send out invites and let your friends know they can invite others too. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone – that’s impossible, even for a superhero. People should be thrilled that you invited them even if the activities aren’t something that they’re into. 

By stepping away from the digital life and back into the 'real life', you'll most likely find that you're happier because of it. Stick with it and keep pushing for less screen time and more human time.

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