Give Her Courage: Kelly Roach Coaching

Give Her Courage is a movement created by two moms (Amy & Kelly) that are on a mission to inspire STRONG, SMART, and BOLD girls. Join their virtual tribe of REAL LIFE #MOTHERHUSTLERS - moms who want to uplift, support, encourage, and raise a new generation of strong, brave women ready to lead the charge and pave new paths for the future.

ABOUT AMY: As a former online TV host, Amy will make you laugh until you cry and find a way to make every #momlife moment humorous - even on the days when adulting seems way too hard.  

 Amy has an award-winning sales and leadership background of coaching and managing very dynamic teams. As a corporate leader and coach, Amy has built her career on bringing out the best in everyone around her and helping each person she touches perform at their best, believe in themselves and achieve their ultimate goals.

As a cofounder of Give Her Courage, Amy has committed her life's work to helping women know their worth and break the paradigm that confidence comes with age.

ABOUT KELLY: Forever optimist and ultimate chaos-coordinator, Kelly has mastered the art of building a successful online empire- toddler in tow.  

Kelly’s past experience as an NFL Cheerleader, Fortune 500 executive and now serial entrepreneur have helped her hone her ability to bring out the brilliance in women of all walks of life and give them the strategy and support to achieve freedom and fulfillment by building their own freedom-based online business.

As a co-founder of Give Her Courage, Kelly is fanatical about helping young girls grow into bold and brave women capable and determined to make all their dreams come true.

To learn more about their programs and to teach your daughter how to spread courage and confidence wherever she goes, please visit