A Teen's First Job and Paving Their Own Path

Empowerment is about being able to do what you want and having the control and ability to make those choices.

When it comes to teenagers, most just focus on getting through the school day, rather than dreaming up goals and taking the steps to achieve them. For those who are creating goals, they are typically pretty short termed. Perhaps it’s saving up for a car or a trip for spring break with your friends. Many teens are also starting to narrow down their choices of where they’d like to go to college, even though many are unsure what they’d like to major in.

We are taught to go after good jobs and some may tell you that you can be anything you want, but few people will inspire you to break out of the mold. Instead of trying to find a job, you can create your job. Start with something small and simple. Entrepreneurship is not just for middle-aged men, it’s for anyone. Remember that lemon-aid stand you had as a kid?

Sure, you may pick up baby-sitting jobs for your little cousins or lawn-mowing jobs for Grandma here and there, but have you ever tried to actually pursue it further? Design a flyer and distribute it door-to-door to your neighbors. Create a Facebook business page and invite your friends to like it to get out the word. You can do this!

Many of your friends will complain about their first job. They’ll think it’s meaningless and that they are above that. They’ll complain that their boss is an idiot and how they’re barely making any money.

You don’t need to go down that path. You can take the path that you choose or pave your own path. Life is what you make of it. Dream it and go after it.

For those more ambitious, don’t let your age defer you from giving it a shot. Write a business plan. Start a Kickstarter project. Keep in mind, with starting a business, you will fail many times. And that is okay. It is part of the journey. Learn from it, embrace it, and next time do it differently until you get it right.