When Your Intimate Pictures Are Leaked Online

Everyone knows it can happen, but no one thinks it can happen to them. Teenage girls are being pressured into sending intimate photos of themselves to their boyfriends and this is only becoming more and more common.

There is an article on The Guardian that won the 2018 Hugo Young Award that I encourage every young woman to read. “After a long morning preparing (How does my hair look? Which is the best angle?), I finally pressed “send” and, with that, lost all ownership and dignity of something deeply private and personal to me – my own body.”

Sophia shares her story of her shattered self-worth after finding out that boys were showing her pictures around her old school. Her boyfriend claims he never shared he pictures but was never able to track down the source of the leak. She eventually realized that her photos were on a large online document that also contained over 40 intimate images of other girls at her school.

She was told to get over it and scolded for sending the photos in the first place. Now, years later, she has come to terms with what happened and has stopped blaming herself. Read her story on The Guardian.

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