Teens & Sex

If there was one thing that I wish I could change on television and the movies, it’s how they portray sex. I mean, have you ever seen a movie where two people kiss for the first time and they don’t end up in bed together immediately?

Don’t mistake sex as a requirement into dating or something that must come after a kiss. Your body is your body. Other factors such as respect and love must come first. It’s perfectly fine to say no. I repeat. It's perfectly fine to say no. Also, 'no' is a full sentence and doesn't require any explanation. Move at your own pace.

Here's a little tip for you teen girls out there. Girls, if you want a second date, when he leans in to kiss you, stop him and say, “I don’t kiss on the first date.” Chances are he’ll be asking you on a second date. But more importantly, he will RESPECT you for that. Take things slow and establish essential qualities of a good relationship BEFORE you take off your clothes. I’ve already mentioned respect, but there also needs to be trust, honesty, empathy, love and friendship in a successful relationship.

Sex and love are not the same thing. Making love will not make you feel loved. If it’s just sex without mutual love and respect, then you’ll probably feel like crap afterwards, especially if you feel like you’ve just been used. Have you ever wondered why so many other teens feel like crap afterwards? Don't make their mistake. Establish the foundation first.

Take your time and remember that every action has a consequence. If either of you aren’t ready to handle something like pregnancy or STD, then you shouldn’t be having sex.

Just because it may seem that everyone around you is having sex, it doesn’t mean that is the right thing to do. Take your time and when everything seems to fall into place, you’ll know when the time is right and you’ll be much happier that you waited.

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