The Fine Line of Social Media and Teen Relationships

You’re in a relationship and one of the first things you want to do is show the world. And by that I mean the social media world. You start clogging up everyone’s feeds with pictures of the two of you together that after a few weeks, half your friends have started to unfollow you.

It’s perfectly okay to post things once in awhile, but dong so constantly will not only annoy your friends, but can cause issues with your boyfriend/girlfriend as well. Social media should stay out of your relationship.

If you want to embark on some type of activity just for the sake of getting that perfect photo to post on social media, something is wrong. It’s okay to document big events, but it is more important to live your life. When you’re on a date, give that person your full attention. You should be on the date because you enjoy your time together. If you make him/her feel that the only reason why you’re on the date is so you can post about it on social media and get a ton of likes, that person is going to feel used.

Take a break from social media and stop worrying about how many likes and comments you get and instead focus on your relationship. Turn off notifications on your phone and don’t open any social media platform while you are spending time with that person. Show him/her that their time is more important to you than your phone.

Before you post anything about your relationship status, talk it over first and make sure that they are okay with that as well. Some people are more private and don’t like photos of themselves posted all over the place. Respect that. Just because they don’t fill their posts with images and references about you, doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. It probably just means that they are more of a private person who prefers to talk to people in person or over the phone instead of through social media. And there is nothing wrong with that.


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