A True Superhero: The Story of Chris Miller, aka Captain Spectrum

First off, we’d like to say happy 16th belated birthday to Chris Miller from all of us at the Love Ed Movement. For those of you who don’t know Chris, Chris is no ordinary teenager. He has a secret identity known as ‘Captain Spectrum’ and even has his own comic book about anti-bullying.

Chris’s mission is to fight bullying by cultivating acceptance and compassion in all students. “Defend and be a friend” is Captain Spectrum’s motto and his sidekicks are the Spectrum Defenders. According to his Facebook post, “You are a spectrum Defender. Spectrum Defenders isn't what people think it is. A spectrum Defender is defending against bullying and teaching kindness, because the spectrum of bullying is as wide as the autism spectrum. I found myself being part of both spectrums, it is hard, but there is hope. A spectrum Defender always stands up for what is right and is always kind. I can't be everywhere, so we need people like you and me and others like us to help defend against bullying and to help teach kindness and understanding for those of us who are different.”

Chris may be a superhero, but he is human too. Like all humans, we all go through our ups and downs. We all need love and support and someone to let us know that we believe in them.

Chris, we believe in you and your mission of kindness and we are so proud of you. We’re so grateful for the light that you shine on kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and how you help give them hope. We’re thankful for the other children, teens and adults who you’ve reached and who’ve helped spread your word on ‘Defend and be a friend’. And we would be honored to be a part of your ‘Spectrum Defender’ sidekicks.

If you believe in Chris’s mission, follow him on Facebook, share this article, and above all, spread kindness wherever you go. If you see someone being bullied, be a superhero’s sidekick: defend and be a friend.