Helping Autistic Teens through Puberty and Beyond

Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders often need extra support when it comes down to understanding social rules around sexuality. Helping them understand what they should and shouldn’t talk about publicly can be pretty confusing (ex. masturbation, wet dreams, sex, etc). Understanding that everyone has private body parts that they can’t just go around touching is also a vital discussion to have. Also, many teens and millennials may need reminders about proper hygiene and showering.

Be extra careful in your use of language if your child takes things literally. For example, you don’t want your son to be frightened if you say that his voice is ‘breaking’. Instead, say something like, ‘You voice is changing and becoming deeper.’

Here is a great article on 10 tips from Davida Hartman

1.       Be Prepared

2.       Start Early

3.       Teach What May Seem Obvious

4.       Give Information Clearly and Calmly

5.       Don’t Over Protect

6.       Teach the Difference Between Public and Private

7.       Teach How to Say ‘No’

8.       Don’t Do Anything for Them That They Can Do Independently

9.       Help Them Develop Friendships

10.   Help Them to Understand Themselves

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