We All Have the Power to Make the World a Happier Place

Life is amazing! A single teaspoon of healthy soil can contain more organisms like bacteria and fungi than there are people on this planet. Decomposing plant and animal residues contribute to healthy soil and with healthy soil, we can grow nutritious food for animal consumption as well as for humans. There’s this amazing circle of life and destroying a link within this ecosystem can have detrimental effects.

Yet, many of us take things for granted and understandably in this day and age where stress is the norm. It is important we slow down and take time to enjoy the little things, including what we do have. Amazing things are going on all around us, but we’ll miss them if we aren’t looking.

Sometimes we’re so busy with our lives and focusing on the future that we forget to live in the present moment. Today and every day be grateful and appreciate the good things. When something challenging happens, use that as an opportunity to learn from it and grow. Sometimes our past or present trauma can engulf us in feeling completely helplessness. It is important to remember that you are not helpless. You might not have control over all the things in your life, but you do get to control what you do next, even if it is your next thought.

Take a moment to find the gold hidden in the mud. Think about the happy moments you had in the past and re-live them in your mind; take them in fully, feeling them throughout your body and being ness. Tell others about the beautiful stories you recall and see the smiles spread across their faces. Feel the warmth and joy that radiates from your heart when you reminisce about those memories, even if that person is no longer with us. Laughter and happiness are contagious. When we share our joy with others and they do the same thing, the world becomes more joyful. The more joyful people there are, the happier the world is.

You may think that today is just another day in your life. But it’s a gift and so are you! Think about what you would do differently if it was your first day or the last day of your life. We all have the power to change the world for the better. It starts with ourselves and begins with a grateful perspective. Much love dear ones!

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