Learning to Be Grateful Throughout the Year

After a near-death experience while driving, Brian Doyle started thinking about the last words that he said to his parents and his friends. He also started to contemplate all the things that he didn’t say to them. As he explained it, we assume that the people in our lives know how important they are to us, but in reality, many people don’t know. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, we never actually tell them.

Later on after being inspired by the spirit of gratitude amplified on Thanksgiving, Brian decided to embark on a unique social experiment: 365 Days of Thank You. Every day over the next year he would talk to someone either in person or one the phone and describe to them how thankful he was for them in his life. He would tell them about the things that he learned from them and how it made him a better person and how grateful he was that he had them in his life. To Brian, it wasn’t enough to just think about it. He wanted to make sure they know, before it’s too late since you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Watch the video below to learn more about his journey and how two little words can completely change your world and the world view of others.

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