Resources for Women Healing From Love, Sex & Relationship Addiction

The world is starting to wake up to the fact that many men suffer from sexual dysfunctions as a result of pornography use. But porn and sex addiction doesn’t just affect men, it affects women too.


The fabulous therapist, author, and speaker and dear friend to our founder Stacy Sprout compiled a reading list for women healing from love, sex and relationship addiction. Here are a few of the books from her list

Ready to Heal: Breaking Free of Addictive Relationships by Kelly McDaniel

It's no surprise that our culture is addicted to "love". The sappy love songs, the enticing ads for romantic getaways and the desire to be cherished by a special someone will never lose their appeal. But for some women, this poses a significant problem. Because of their insatiable desire for love, they will do anything to find it and ultimately land in destructive addictive relationships over and over again causing incredible harm. 

This newly revised and expanded edition of Ready to Heal provides an opportunity for women to break free from painful addictive relationships. Kelly McDaniel provides the reader with the tools they will need to move along the path to living a life where intimacy is possible. Readers have an opportunity to begin to "connect the dots" in their own relationship patterns by following the stories of four brave women. A newly added chapter on "Mother Hunger" explores the role of the mother in infancy and how she ultimately impacts a daughter's ability to have healthy intimate relationships later in life. 

Break free from the chains of addictive relationships that sabotage happiness and self-respect. Learn more

Making Advances: A Comprehensive Guide for Treating Female Sex and Love Addiction by Marnie C. Ferree (TEXTBOOK)

A ground-breaking work, Making Advances is the first book to offer a targeted approach for effectively treating women who struggle with sex and love addiction. This long-overlooked population faces significant challenges, including a lack of trained therapists who understand their unique pain. Making Advances describes the problem, explores its biopsychosocial roots, and thoroughly outlines the assessment and diagnosis process. This critical text emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship and describes how treating female sex and love addicts is different from treating men. It delineates the best practices for conducting group therapy, arresting acting out, addressing attachment injuries, and working with male partners of female sex addicts as well as other special populations. Finally, Making Advances explores the process of a female sex addict’s growth into a woman of grace and integrity through building healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and healthy living practices. Editor Marnie C. Ferree and the gifted writers provide a research and attachment-based treatment guide that is already the standard in the field. Learn More

Women, Sex and Addiction: A Search for Love and Power by Charlotte S. Kasl, PhD

In our society, sex can easily become the price many women pay for love and the illusion of security. A woman who seeks a sense of personal power and an escape from pain may use sex and romance as a way to feel in control, just as an alcoholic uses alcohol; but sex never satisfies her longing for love and self-worth. In this wise and compassionate book, Charlotte Kasl shows women how they can learn to experience their sexuality as a source for love and positive power and sex as an expression that honors the soul as well as the body. Learn More

If you or someone you love has a problem, getting specialized therapy to help navigate the journey can make a vital difference. I encourage you to check out Staci Sprout’s website for more resources as well as our sister company, Namaste Advice, which specializes in sexual and relationship recovery.