Tips for Keeping Teens Safe on Halloween

Over the past few decades, Halloween has become infamous for teenage pranks and misbehavior. Sit down with your teen and remind them about your rules as well as laws. Sometimes illegal activities take place on Halloween in graveyards including drinking, drugs, grave digging and vandalism. Talk to them about the dangers of being involved with illegal activities and pranks so hopefully they’ll make wiser decisions.

Offer to host a party or bonfire at your house for a few of their friends. Or hunker down for a scary movie marathon. If they insist on going out, offer to drive them to a haunted house and enjoy a night with your teen and their friends.

Otherwise, if your teen is going to a party, remind them about always keeping an eye on their drink. If they set it down, they shouldn’t drink it again. Know where they are going and make sure they understand their curfews and when they need to check in with you. If they’re driving or a friend is driving, let them know to call you if they need a ride. Drinking and driving is especially prevalent on Halloween.

It’s important to set the rules and if you feel that something is too racy, let them know. Talk with them about it and ask why they want to wear that. Listen to them and try to come up with a happy medium.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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