Advice for the Introverted Teen on How to Survive School

Some people see school as a place to meet and engage with friends, where others are just focused on getting through it. Perhaps, you think this school is only temporary and making friends is pointless. If this is the case, I urge you to reconsider.

We understand that not everyone at school is similar to you and that many of these people, you’d really rather just avoid. However, within that heap of students, there is bound to be at least one or two people that have the potential to grow into a great friendship.

By being a loner, you’re going to miss out on so much. I understand that some friends come and go. And yes, some classmates initially seem like great friends until you realize they’re just being fake and using you. But that doesn’t mean you need to let that get to you and that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that.

The funny thing about life is, it’s always changing and it’s full of choices. Sometimes we get dealt cards that we wish wouldn’t have happened, but we learn to deal and we become stronger. We can either chose to sit and eat our lunch alone or we can try to find another classmate to chat with. Be yourself (but try to smile a bit more).

Being social with others helps build long-lasting friendships and develops trust. Being able to connect with other people helps you grow as a person. Coming outside of your comfort zone may be scary, but taking that risk brings about a sense of accomplishment and a boost of self-esteem. By building these friendships as well as strengthening your relationship with family members, you may just see your happiness increase as well. Plus, we all know that when bad things happen, it’s much easier to cope when we have a shoulder to lean on.

I am a strong believer that everybody deserves love, especially teens. I urge you to join our movement for access to resources for teens and parents on specific issues our youth faces today.