Healthy Tips on How to Survive Being the New Kid at School

The first day, week and even month at a new school can be terrifying. Everybody knows each other, except you. Here’s our advice on how thrive in a new school.

My first and most important piece of advice is to take a deep breath. If you’re just entering high school or college, relax, there are going to be many others in the same situation as you. If you’re joining a new school because of a recent move, you might be taking it out on your parents right now. Just remember, it’s not what happens to you, but how you react to the situation that matters. If you walk into a new school pissed off and full of dark energy, you are going to have a tough time. So, clear your mind and take a deep breath.

The next piece of advice is to forgo all judgements. You don’t want people making judgements of you without getting to know you first, so don’t make judgements about them. Be nice to everyone, make eye contact and smile a lot. Sooner or later, you’ll find friends that will become your core group.

Be patient. Getting to know people takes time. Sign up for clubs and extracurriculars in topics that interest you. Talk to the person sitting next to you. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed by all the new faces; you’ll learn everyone’s names soon enough.

Every school has their ‘mean kids’. Try not to take it personally if someone doesn’t like you and is being mean. You can’t please everyone. Take a seat at the lunch table with people who seem friendlier and move on.

Before you know it, you’ll fit right in.

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