Real Intimacy Matters.

Let's get with the times, shall we? Answer these two questions: 1) Do you want to keep your children and teens (both boys and girls) safe from the dangers of porn? 2) Are you worried about what they have access to on their screens, their friend's screens, or their school's screens? If you are not worried, you should be. Here is the reality..

Did you know that one of the world's largest porn sites, Pornhub now purports to teach sex education? This is beyond scary. If we keep our heads in the sand for too long, or let's be serious, any longer, our youth will continue to find ways to educate themselves as they already are. Youth these days are constantly being bombarded with sexualized images, words, statements. As soon as they have access to screens and the world of social media and all it entails, they are at risk. 

Over the past year, we have heard from teens, educators, parents, attorneys, law enforcement, and other community members about the need for intimacy education. We have heard of reports of youth committing acts of revenge porn, cyber-bullying, sexually harassing females as a result of something they watched in porn, as well as sexting on a criminal level in various school districts here in Utah. Yes- this is happening in Utah!

Our response? It is time we wake up! School administrators, parents, religious and other organizations can no longer ignore these issue or claim that they are not happening because they are. Our youth are not "abstaining" from sexual activity; they are doing what they have learned by viewing daily images on social media, via pornography, and via what their peer groups deem as "normal." While we agree that parents have a significant role in ensuring they help keep their youth safe, it takes a village as the billion dollar porn industry is absolutely pervasive--and it is likely NOT going anywhere. 

As Haley Halverson of The National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation shared during a recent presentation, when a teenage boy was asked why he didn't stop raping a female teen when he saw that she was crying, he said, "Because that is normal." Where do you think our youth are learning this? As Gail Dines explains in her famous TedTalk, Growing Up In A Pornified Culture, the two types of porn that young men are seeing if/when they stumble upon it are anal gang rape and gag porn.

That is why at The Love Ed. Movement™ we teach Intimacy Education.™ Why? We can no longer be ok with sex education via "Abstinence Only" with the "don't ask, don't talk" mentality related to anything outside of abstinence anymore and we indeed can't be okay with the porn industry teaching that violent rape and sexual assault is real intimacy. 

The Love Ed. Movement is the new "Sex Education." We teach youth what they actually need to know in order to have loving, connected relationships with people they care about including someone they want to have an intimate relationship with (intimacy, by the way, is not sex!). We teach that relationships are so much more than the mere act of sex! We tactfully address the dangers and consequences of cyber-bullying, teen domestic abuse, and sexting (which can end up being a criminal charge of self produced child pornography or revenge porn), issues which teens these days are at risk.

On our website, we explain the main components of our Intimacy Education™ curriculum©2017. This entails: Consent, Empathy, Mutual Respect, Connection, Communication, Trust, among other important topics. For a detailed list, go to:

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