Helping Generation Sext™

What do you do when your teenage son or daughter's school calls you and says they have sent naked pictures of themselves to someone they like only to have it be shared with the entire school? 

How do you respond when, as a teacher, you find out from a female student, that her boyfriend sent her naked pics to all of his buddies as "revenge" after they broke up and now she is being called a slut? 

Who do you contact when your daughter or son has become a victim of cyberbullying on their social media accounts? Or, they've sent nude pictures on social media to someone they thought was a teenager only to find out it is a 45 year old sex offender? 

These examples are the day-to-day norms of Generation Sext™.

  • Generation Sext™ includes (but is not limited to):
  • A generation of youth, or millennials ( who have learned sex over social skills
  • A generation who has learned sexting over hand holding
  • A generation who believes that rape is normal
  • A generation who bullies over befriending
  • A generation hip on acts of revenge over acts of forgiveness
  • A generation of sexting, swiping, and scoring over taking things slow, getting to know a person for who they are, and understanding the key components of real relationships. 

A recent article in the Deseret News titled Nude Selfies A Big Problem in Utah Schools, explores the dangers and realities of sexting. To read the full article:

We realize the importance of talking to youth about the dangers and realities of sexting, swiping, and scoring. However, at The Love Ed. Movement™ we are also proponents of finding ways of helping Generation Sext™ learn how to have healthy intimacy instead of solely relying on scare tactics and outdated standards of education. We need to wake up to the fact that this is not our or our parents peer pressure. Our youth have been normed on "social media" at it's finest. 

How can you help?

  •  A lot of teens are overwhelmed with too many life and school demands, more so than any other generation! Sadly, their way of coping is often through social media and checking out on screens (parents often reinforce this by doing this same thing). Youth need the skills to learn how to regulate challenging emotions and deal with stress in a manageable way. Our expert team can help you and them with that! 
  • There is a reason why Generation Sext™ sends nude pics of themselves--we must explore the underlying issues. For instance, sending pics of one's body parts often guarantees a child/teen will automatically be "accepted", liked, or even loved. But it may also be a replication of some trauma they have experienced; thinking this type of exploitation is the norm. They also may have zero self esteem and think sending a nude pic is the only way to be liked. We must work to build this generation's self worth so that they understand that they deserve to be both heard and seen for more than their body parts! We can teach your youth these skills! 
  • Get educated! Know what your teens are looking at and who they are talking too. The 14 year old on the other end of the computer may actually be older than you/they know. 
  • Put net nanny ( or other web protection devices on your computers. But also be willing to talk to your teens about what they may see on the internet, even by accident, so they know that you have an open communication if they do accidentally come across something they have seen or have questions about other issues they read about.  While you can limit your kids/teens computer/phone/screen time to engage them more in socialization with you, remember, Generation Sext™ is used to communicating via screens and needs to also learn how to responsibly navigate on-line activity ( Have them turn their phones in at night so they get a good night's sleep. 
  • Organize a parent contact group in your neighborhood so you know where your kids/teens are hanging out and what they are doing.
  • If you have already taken the FREE Love Pledge, tell friends, family, strangers, peers, coworkers, colleagues, etc. to make the FREE Love Pledge ( for Real Intimacy! If not, pledge in support of teaching youth that real intimacy actually matters!
  • Ask us to provide your teens, students, and youth with therapeutic support, education and outreach in your schools, churches, community groups, and organizations both on and offline. We are relationship experts here to help you! 

If you want to get involved with our movement in other ways, please contact me directly:; 801-272-3500.


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