Redefining Consent From "No Means No" to "Affirmative Consent"

What used to be "no means no" has changed to "affirmative consent" because lack of resistance or protest does not necessarily mean consent has been given. Physical and non-verbal cues can be miscommunicated which can lead to false assumptions of consent and has caused a lot of controversy in sexual assault cases. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of these changes with the updated definition of consent and it is important to make sure everyone is aware. Consent needs to be communicated with a clear statement like, "Yes, I want to have sex with you" and should never be assumed. Society needs to stop placing blame on the victims, rather than the perpetrators.

We must teach our youth that no one has a right to their body and they don't have a right to anyone else's body either. 

For a simple explanation of consent, please watch the video below.

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