Taking a Stand Against the Objectification of Women in the Media

The concept of "objectification of women" is an issue of respect. Women deserve to be treated like any other human being. We are not objects. We are not something you can use, abuse and toss aside when you're done with. We are individuals with our own  hopes, desires and dreams and we deserve better. 

When a woman is able to free herself from objectification of her body, she is able to gain more self esteem, more confidence and create positive change in not only herself, but often with other women around her.

One of the first steps with taking a stand against the objectification of women in media is opening your eyes and becoming aware of it. Unfortunately, in today's society, it happens so much that we can turn a blind eye to it. Madonna Badger, founder and chief creative officer at Badger & Winters, created a #WomenNotObjects campaign against the objectification of women in advertising. This short video is definitely worth a watch.

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