Millennials: benefits of college groups, Athletics & Extracurricular Activities

With screen-time creating more isolation and a false sense of connection, being part of a group, sport, or extracurricular activity has major benefits.  Here are just a handful of reasons why you should encourage your teenager to become more involved in school clubs and athletics.

Teamwork & Setting Goals

Most school clubs and sports teams are focused on teamwork. This helps strengthen communication and encourages millennials to work together to achieve a goal. Perhaps that goal is a touchdown in football or maybe it’s a dance team moving on to the championships. Whatever it is, setting goals and figuring out ways to achieve them by working together as a team, can help set up a teen for success later in life.

Improved Self-Esteem & Wider Social Circle

By joining college groups, sports, and activities that interest young adults, they’ll get to know more like-minded people. It also can help build confidence, improve self-esteem and develop crucial leadership skills for the real world. Many after school activities, especially sports, help students be more active, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Plus, it often helps young adults relax their minds and serves as a stress reliever.

Helpful in the long-run

It’s funny how so many young people think they are so busy, but when more things jump on their plate, they almost always find a way to get everything done. College is a new experience and can often times be really overwhelming. Having extra-curricular activities including sports, groups, and hobbies to focus on can be exceptionally beneficial in the long run.